Moon Landscape!

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The clouds did not help me to take the best picture of the cloud two days back.  And I didnt worry much.  It was not really a full moon day.  You can see the previous post by following this link. … Continued

Moonlight under dark blue sky

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It was pleasant evening.  Though not the best sunset I have seen, the beauty of the sky and its clouds were as remarkable as ever.  The air was thin and cooler, and it was ideal to have a good walk … Continued

Hiking in the woods

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Woods are always exciting and adventurous to hike.  When I mean woods, I was referring to the woods where trails are designed for hiking, is more safer than wild woods. While I was hiking in the woods, near East Fork … Continued

Picture of Sunflower – morning walk

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During my morning walk in the Woodland mound, Cincinnati, I come across a large field of Sunflower plants.  I have taken few photographs of the field and sunflower themselves.  They are beautiful and a great inspiration for my walk.  

Hello world!

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Hello World!!! This is my first post on the internet.  When I was a student, I created the first computer program which prints “Hello World” text on the computer screen.  Now I am printing the same message on the internet. … Continued